Tailoring Repairs and Alteration

The Barsbury dry cleaning can make repairs and alterations to your clothes including any style of jackets of any style. With our buttonhole machines we are more than specialized to provide you the best look on your shortened jacket (shoulder and arm) as bought before new.

From shortening your latest trousers to patching up any of kinds of clothes including trouser, skirts, jean, shirts, dress of any kind, wedding dress and hand bag of any sort. In addition he can undertake more complicated repairs to make that favourite suit fit again, or get your dress ready for that special occasion.

We also provide any sort of alteration and tailoring on your curtains including shortening, narrowing or adding extra parts on your valued curtains. We also provide a free on-site fitting service to ensure that your clothes fit perfectly. We can re-weave and invisibility repair many damaged garments.