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Our Services

Shoe Repair

From simple sole and heel replacement full long sole and re-welt. Stitching repairs, new zips and leather restore…
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Rug & Carpet Cleaning

Whether it’s a Persian Rug or an Ax Minster Carpet, the experts at Bansbury Dry Cleaners will…
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Laundry Servicing

Specialist duvet cleaning at Bansbury Dry Cleaners provides highly effective sterilization and removal…
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Curtain Cleaning Services

A purposely designed curtain and upholstery programme bas been installed on our dry cleaning…
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Wedding Dress Cleaning

The Barnsbury dry cleaning believes that a wedding dress is perhaps the most special and emotive…
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Suede, Leather Cleaning

The cleaning of leather and suede is a craft practiced by skilled artisans. We defer to our own specialists…
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Shirt Servicing

The Barnsbury dry cleaning pride ourselves in providing London’s best shirt service. Our hand pressed…
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Specialist Dry Cleaning

As the Barnsbury Dry Cleaning have access to the full range of clothes care solventsas well as wet…
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Tailoring Repairs

The Barsbury dry cleaning can make repairs and alterations to your clothes including any style of jackets…
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